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A broad product offering combined with our expert product knowledge ensures we provide you with the most cost-effective, practical solution engineered to meet your unique specifications and exceed your expectations. 

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Cash Safes

According to the FBI, robberies account for an estimated $450 million in losses in the U.S. each year, with banks experiencing the highest average dollar loss at around $3,500 per offense. But robberies affect many types of businesses, and create serious financial risk. MR Solutions offers many models of UL Listed steel plate, composite safes manufactured to meet stringent security standards for banks, credit unions, jewelers, retail stores, pharmacies, and other businesses. UL Listed safes are designed for burglary resistance and are available in various sizes and can be customized with teller and cash lockers to fit your particular application. Each safe goes through a rigorous inspection process before it leaves the plant.

If a custom design is required, we can build your safe to your specifications and required security rating. We can work with you to design the interior compartment layout and advise on the proper locks, alarm devices, and other suggested options to keep your valuables safe.

Most of our safes come with a 1/2”-thick steel door, a ¼” in thickness for the body panels of the safe, and drill-resistant hard plate around the lock to further discourage tampering with the safe. Our cash safes come with pre-drilled anchor holes, which enable them to be secured into any foundation.

We stand by our products for maximum theft protection at affordable costs, and look forward to helping you select the right cash safes for your business.

M.R. Solutions is a locally owned and operated business that has specialized in providing security solutions to banks and other businesses in Colorado and Wyoming since 2004. We are passionate in our commitment to providing you with the products and services to secure your business. Contact us today to learn more about our cash safe options for your business.


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