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Time Locks and Movements


M.R. Solutions specializes in timelocks and related services an important component in banking security.

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Time Locks and Movements

TMI three movementTime locks, independent time-based access control devices, are a vital part of banking security. They supersede key or combination locks by mechanically blocking the vault or safe container bolt work, and the programmed time can not be manipulated. This manual locking device protects your vault from unauthorized openings outside of business hours. The time lock is composed of time movements and a lockable housing, which may contain multiple movements, all utilized for redundancy.

M.R. Solutions sells time locks and movements from Time Movement Innovations (TMi), a leading provider and innovator of time locking devices used on high-security vaults and containers throughout the world.

Our experts have the industry knowledge, application experience, and service programs to ensure we quickly resolve any time lock issues you have, for both modern and vintage models. Our in-house team and repair shop is equipped to repair or swap any failed movement to get you up and running quickly and efficiently with cost savings as a cornerstone of every service call.

M.R. Solutions is a locally owned and operated business that has specialized in providing security solutions to banks and other businesses in Colorado and Wyoming since 2004. We are passionate in our commitment to providing you with the products and services to secure your business. Contact us today for your time locks and movements needs.


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