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Vaults safeguard money, valuables, records, and documents. Count on M.R. Solutions to provide you with the best vault solutions and service.

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American V100 VaultVaults are secure spaces in a building designed to store and safeguard money, valuables, records, and documents. Much like safes, they are constructed to protect contents from theft, fire, natural disasters, and other threats. But while safes are standalone units, vaults are often a structural part of the building in which they are built, encased by armored walls sealed by a secure door with a complex lock. They may be armed with a wide array of alarms and anti-theft devices. In banks, vaults often house safe deposit boxes, cash, and other assets.

M.R. Solutions can install high-tech vault to protect valuable assets in your business. We are an authorized dealer of vault manufacturers such as American Vault and Fortis Security Products.

American Vault Corporation employs an ultra-high strength concrete core along with formed steel panels to provide high-security construction and installation, offering burglary resistance.

Fortis Security Products’ modular vault panels are constructed of high-strength concrete and steel. These modular vaults are more cost effective than those poured-in-place vaults and can be expanded or relocated when necessary Fortis vault doors combine the ultimate in security and aesthetics as an attractive stainless exterior covers a high-strength concrete and steel core panel.

M.R. Solutions also services most brands and model vault doors on the market and have factory-trained technicians to get you up and running quickly and efficiently with cost savings as a cornerstone of every service call.

M.R. Solutions is a locally owned and operated business that has specialized in providing security solutions to banks and other businesses in Colorado and Wyoming since 2004. We are passionate in our commitment to providing you with the products and services to secure your business. Contact us today to learn more about our vault solutions.


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